Great results with this full body training plan!
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Great results with this full body training plan!

I am often asked: How often do I have to train per week, do I have to train according to a split training plan? What do I do when I'm short on time?

I'll show you the full body training plan that I recommend to my friends!

Why is a full body training plan right for you?

A full body training plan is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. With it you can shape your whole body and improve your fitness in a short time (1 - 2 times a week). It is important that at least one exercise should be performed for each large muscle group. This avoids one-sided loads and muscular imbalances.

Let's look at an example of a full body exercise plan. It may not be very original or challenging, but it does contain important exercises for your whole body:

Example full body training plan

exerciseNumber of sentencesHow often?
1. Leg press3 sentences10-15
2. Lat pull, wide grip3 sentences10-15
3. Brustpresse3 sentences10-15
4. Rowing lath tower close grip3 sentences10-15
5. Biceps curl3 sentences10-15
6. Trizeps Pushdowns Latturm3 sentences10-15
7. Belly (crunch, leg raises, bike)One passageAs much as possible

Do each of the exercises 1-6 with a total of 10-15 repetitions out. You repeat this 3 times, so do it 3 sets per exercise. You should choose the break between sets so that you have enough strength again for the next set. But if you chat with a friend for minutes, the break is definitely too long. In the abdominal exercises, you do as many repetitions as you can.

Make sure you use good technique and take not too much swing. Choose your training weights so that you have to make a lot of effort, but can handle them well without too much swing. Don't be frustrated if the weights are relatively light at the beginning. You will increase it over time.

Let's go through the exercises step by step:

Exercise 1: leg press

Leg press

For a full body training plan, I recommend that you do at least the first few times Legs to start. After all, legs and buttocks are the largest muscle groups in your body and you use them all the time in everyday life. It also looks strange when your upper body gets stronger and fitter, but your legs don't.

During the leg press, your body is in a semi-upright position, leaning slightly backwards.

You sit on the cushion, your back is up leaned against the backrest. You position the soles of your feet flat on the plate and iIn the starting position, your calves and thighs are approximately 90 degrees to each other. You set yourself a weight that you can move with effort, but without major problems. To find the optimal weight for you, you will need to experiment a little. For one, 50 kilograms can be heavy, while for the other 100 kilograms is still too light. Now push the set weight away from you with your legs. Important: DO NOT push your legs through! This could lead to problems with your knees in the long run. So keep your knees slightly bent even in the end position.

Exercise 2: lat pulldown with a wide grip

Lat pulldown machine

As a second exercise, I recommend doing a back exercise on the lat pulldown. With its wide grip, it targets the width, the outside of your back.

You adjust the seat so that you sit at a comfortable seat height. Now, as with the leg press, you choose a weight that you can strain, but that you can manage. Now grasp the handle broadly on the slightly curved outer sides. The palm of your hand is facing away from you, so your two thumbs should be facing each other. This grip is called an overhand grip.

Now you lean your upper body back a little and pull the bar down towards you in one flowing movement. As a target, you should pull them towards your nipples. Your arms only bend at the elbows, your wrists stay straight.

Tip: Try to imagine that you are just using your elbows to pull your arms down. Your hands are only used to hold the bar in place. This is just a picture of course, but it can help you feel your back better in this exercise.

Exercise 3: chest press


After you've trained your legs and back, let's turn to that chest.

You sit in an upright position in the chest press, your back leaning against the backrest. The chest press shown has a pedal that you can use to start the exercise more easily. After you have selected your weight with the pin, you step down on the entry aid. This will move the handles forward a little and make it easier for your shoulders to start from this starting position. You now grasp the handles in a horizontal position in the upper handle and push the handles forward away from you. Now you can also take your foot off the entry aid. As with the previous exercises, you do 10-15 repetitions in 3 sets.

Exercise 4: rowing with a tight grip


As a second back exercise, I recommend rowing with a tight grip. Due to the tight grip, this exercise targets your inner back, especially between and on your shoulder blades.

You are sitting on a cushion in this rowing machine, your sternum leaning forward. As with the chest press, you can also use an aid with one foot to move the weight towards you in an initial position. Select your weight and press the entry aid. Grasp the handles with the overhand grip (back of the hand up, thumbs in) and pull the handles towards you in an even motion. Your elbows are below your shoulders and your wrists stay straight as in exercise 2 “lat pulldown with broad grip” and do not buckle. The movement only takes place in the elbow.

Tip: Imagine here too that you are only pulling your arms out with your elbows. Your hands are only used to hold the bar in place. This is just a picture of course, but it can help you feel your back better in this exercise.

Exercise 5: biceps curl

Bicep machine

The biceps next to the stomach is probably the muscle that symbolizes strength and fitness. Or which muscle do you contract when someone asks you if you are exercising?

The easiest way to train your biceps is on a machine. I would only recommend this as a supplement in a split workout, but it is completely sufficient in this full-body training plan.

At the beginning you sit down at a height where your upper arms are resting on the cushion with a towel. Adjust your weight and grab the two handles in the Undercut (Palms facing you, thumbs out). Your arms are in the starting position stretched out but not pushed through. Now bend your arms and pull your hands towards your upper arms / shoulders. Now repeat this as usual with about 10-15 repetitions for 3 sets.

Exercise 6: Triceps Pushdowns Lat Tower

Lat pulldown

The Trizeps makes up 2/3 of your arm circumference. Do you want beautiful, defined arms? Train the triceps!

I recommend one to start with SZ Stange (bent). It is easy on your wrists. Stand in front of the lattower and choose your weight. Now grasp the SZ bar about shoulder width in the upper grip (back of hand up, thumb inside) and push it down. Now bend your arms slightly again and bring your arms up in a controlled manner until your forearms and upper arms are not more than 90 degrees to each other. Now push the bar down again.

Feel free to vary the exact grip width. Choose this so that it is as naturally as possible for your wrists feels.

Exercise 7: stomach (crunch, leg raises, bike)

Abdominal exercises (crunch, leg raises, riding a lying bike)

Everyone wants a flat, muscular one belly. I want to point out again here that everyone has abs. But only with one Combination of proper training and nutrition you can see this too.

In this full-body training plan, I recommend 3 exercises to shape your stomach: crunches, leg raises and the lying bike.

One Crunch is in principle quite similar to its well-known brother, the Situp. You lie on your back and bend your legs so that your calves, thighs and torso are 90 degrees to each other. Now you fold your hands behind your head and lift your shoulder blades off the floor. Just so far that your lumbar vertebrae (lower back) always on the floor rest. Then lower your shoulders and head back down and repeat this.

Leg raises translated as lifting legs. If you still moved your shoulders up and down during crunches, you now do this with your legs. Lie on the floor, lift your shoulder blades and head slightly, and bend your knees slightly. Now you raise and lower your slightly bent legs. The longer the range of motion, the harder it is. Your lumbar vertebrae stay on the floor here too Tip: I like to put my hands under my buttocks during the exercise. This will prevent the pool from tipping over. That helped me a lot. Try it out.

The third exercise I recommend is often called the cycle designated. You lie on your back and here too your lumbar vertebrae always stay on the floor. You bend your legs and calves at a 90 degree angle and fold your hands behind your head. Now alternately bring your left elbow to your right knee and your right elbow to your left knee.

Tip: In all of the abdominal exercises that I have presented to you here, the lumbar vertebrae (lower back) always remain on the floor. Do as many repetitions as you can on the ab exercises. Please note: keep breathing and don't hold your breath! And don't pull your head with your folded hands! If you have trouble with this, hold your hands loosely next to your temples.

Summary full body training plan

A full body training plan is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. You can train and shape your entire body with little time and effort. If you have been training for a long time, have more time or are more resilient, of course split training makes more sense. But the best training plan is the one that you can follow through on a long-term basis in everyday life. Tip: after a while, rearrange the order of the exercises (focus). Your body gets used to processes. Surprise him and improve your success.

In this article, I introduced you to the full body training plan that I recommend to many of my friends. Feel free to try it out. Vary the suggested exercises. However, if you feel that you are unable to do something due to physical problems, consult your trainer or a doctor. Make sure that you train properly, especially at the beginning. Choose weights that require you to exert yourself. No excuses. It must be exhausting! However, if you're just gaining momentum, they're too high.

I wish you every success and above all a lot of fun in reaching your goals.

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