Tampa Pro 2020: Results and Summary
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Tampa Pro 2020: Results and Summary

The Tampa Pro 2020 was the first bodybuilding competition of the summer of 2020 in times of Corona. From July 30th until 2.8. Numerous athletes measured their strength in different classes and fought for prestige, prize money and participation in the Mr. Olympia 2020. The winners of the respective class are directly qualified, places 2 to 5 secure valuable points for the qualifier list.

In this post I summarize the Tampa Pro 2020 competition in the men's classes for you.

The Tampa Pro

This year took place from 30.7. until 2.8. the Tampa Pro will be held in the city of Tampa, Florida. The full name of the competition is "WINGS OF STRENGTH IFBB PRO LEAGUE YAMAMOTO NUTRITION CUP TAMPA PRO"For the sake of simplicity, I will continue to talk about the Tampa Pro 2020.

This year everything was a little different. For the 13th time The Tampa Pro was held at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay Hotel in 2020. Without a large crowd of spectators, the athletes competed against each other. Spectators and fans had the opportunity to watch the Competitions in paid stream to be followed live via the Internet.

Tampa Pro 2020: Men's Open

The winner of the Men’s Open at Tampa Pro 2020 is Hunter Labrada!

It was speculated in advance that Hunter Labrada could have a good chance of winning his very first competition as a professional to be won at the Tampa Pro 2020. With this victory he could qualify directly and without detours for the Mr. Olympia 2020 in December.

And that's exactly how it happened: Even in the pre-judging phase, Hunter Labrada was able to confirm the very good form that could be seen in pictures over the past few weeks. Together with Iain Valliere, he was repeatedly placed in the middle and used as the measure of all things for comparisons between the other athletes. Convincing here Hunter Labrada with a good mix of mass and definition. Ian Valliere was visually missing the last bit to convince against Labrada. This may also have been due to its rather light color in direct comparison, especially in prejudging.

Short digression: what about Patrick Moore?

Patrick Moore was actually registered for the Tampa Pro 2020 in the open class. With his 10th place at Mr Olympia 2019, he would certainly have been a candidate for victory, but at least for one of the top places. According to his own statement, however, Patrick Moore decided against taking part because he would only have started with about 80% of his possible best form. The question remains whether he is too self-critical or how he would have looked on stage ... As things stand, he is not qualified for the Mr Olympia 2020 in December, so he could have used possible points even without a win.

Brief summary of the prejudging of the Men’s Open Division of the Tampa Pro 2020

The 1st and 2nd callout prejudging of the Men’s Open Division of the Tampa Pro 2020

In the final, Hunter Labrada was able to confirm his good impression from the prejudging. Also the runner-up Iain Valliere improved in the final and maybe that's why it was able to third place, Dwayne Walker, keep your distance. Given its size and shape, a second place might have been within reach for it. So he can look forward to some possibly important points for qualifying for the Mr. Olympia.

In my opinion, this Tampa Pro 2020 in the Men’s Open was a great opportunity for newcomers (Hunter Labrada is also a newcomer in his first professional competition) and athletes who are usually more in the second row. Last year there were several prominent names among the top placed. Let's briefly recall the result from 2019:

Tampa Pro 2019:

Platz 1: Dexter Jackson
2nd place: Luke Sandoe
Platz 3: Iain Valliere
Place 4: Lukas Osladil
5th place: Hassan Mostafa
Platz 6: Milan Sadek

Below you can find the final results and placements of the participating athletes this year.

Brief recap of the Tampa Pro 2020 Men's Open Division finals

The final comparisons of the Men's Open Division of the Tampa Pro 2020

Endergebnis Tampa Pro Men's Open

1.Hunter Labrada
2.Iain Valliere
3.Dwayne Walker
4.Phillip Clahar
5.Ronald Gordon
6.Dorian Haywood
7.Justin Maki
8.Joseph Mackey
9.Matt Kouba
10.Kenneth Jackson
11.Seth Shaw
12.Jorge Trejo Reyes

The posing routine of Hunter Labrada, winner of the Men’s Open Division of the Tampa Pro 2020

In the end, the judges saw places 1 and 2 clearly distributed. Hunter Labrada won both the prejudging and the final with 5 points, a total of 10. Iain Valliere was also able to achieve second place unanimously with 20 points in total (10 points from the prejudging and 10 points from the final). The following places were partly very close to each other, places 7 and 8 even tied on points.

You can find the official scorecards here:

Men's Open prize money

Of course, the prize money at the Tampa Pro 2020 is not comparable to that of an Arnold Classic or a Mr Olympia. But at least 20,000 dollars in prize money will be paid out in the Men’s Open. Of this, $ 10,000 goes to first place, the rest of the pot goes staggered to places 2 to 5.

Total Men's Open prize money
1. Platz Men's Open
2. Platz Men's Open
3. Platz Men's Open
4. Platz Men's Open
5. Platz Men's Open

Tampa Pro 2020: Men's 212

George Peterson wins the Men’s 212!

George Peterson was previously known for his more than convincing appearances and placements in the Classic Physique. So he could with Mr. Olympia 2019 took third place in the Classic Physique win. Critics always complained that his physics was more like that of a 212 pound athlete and so, following the Mr. Olympia, he announced the move to the Men’s 212 class.

Now George Peterson was able to celebrate victory straight away in his first competition in the 212 pound class. So he is directly qualified for the Mr. Olympia in the 212 pound class.

Brief recap of the Tampa Pro 2020 Men's Open Division finals

The final comparisons and award ceremony of the Men’s Open Division of the Tampa Pro 2020

Final score Tampa Pro Men's 212

1.George Peterson III
2.Dectric „Bo“ Lewis
3.Derik Oslan
4.Aaron Clark
5.Kevin Johnson
6.Adam Young
7.Justin Randall
8.Santi Aragon |
9.Derik Farnsworth
10.Shane Stewart
11.Jason Lowe
12.Enmauel Rodriguez
13.Oswaldo gonzalez
14.Rixio Tapia
15.Raul sanchez
16.Ojex ball
16.Steve Thayer

The posing routine of 212 winner George Peterson

The judges also saw the podium clearly distributed in Men’s 212 of the Tampa Pro 2020 with clear scores: George Peterson clearly won with 5 points ahead of Dectric Lewis in second place with 10 points, followed by Derik Oslan with 15 points. Also in the other places it was anything but close with 20, 26 and 30 points. The fight about Places 7 and 8 were excitingJustin Randall was able to claim seventh place with 37 points ahead of Santi Aragon in eighth place with 38 points. Places 9 and 10 were tied with 47 points to Derik Farnsworth and Shane Stewart.

Only the first 15 athletes were placed, 16th place goes to Bola Ojex and Steve Thayer with 80 points each.

You can find the official scorecards here:

Men's 212 prize money

As is usually the case in bodybuilding competitions, the majority of the prize money in Tampa is distributed in the Men’s Open. If you compare the other men's classes, the athletes in the Men's 212 class will receive the most prize money after the Men's Open. However, only $ 6,000 will be paid out, of which the winner will receive half ($ 3,000). The other half will only be distributed to the 2nd and 3rd place.

Prize money Total Men's 212
1. Platz Men's 212
2. Platz Men's 212
3. Platz Men's 212

Tampa Pro 2020: Men's Classic Physique

The winner of the Men’s Classic Physique at the Tampa Pro 2020 is Deontai Campbell.

Campbell was able to convince the judges with a good mix of muscle mass and shape and with 5 points first place secure clearly. Places 2 to 5 were also clearly awarded the best possible points.

The judges also saw the other placements quite clearly, only the Places 11 and 12 only separate 3 points. The places 15 and 16 were tied awarded 80 points by Gregg Russo and Keith Holmes.

The comparisons of the Men’s Classic Physique and award ceremony

Final results Tampa Pro Men’s Classic Physique
1.Deontai Campbell
2.Divine Wilson
3.Christopher Hunte
4.Jose marte
5.Ronald Gaup
6.Jason Theobald
7.Peter Sciallo
8.Scott Dennis
9.Theodore Atkins, Jr
10.Brock Stockton
11.Josh Sanker
12.Miguel Dominguez
13.Aaron Sparenberg
14.Jason Orellana
15.Gregg Russo
16.Keith Holmes

You can find the official scorecards here:

Men's Classic Physique prize money

The Men’s Classic Physique has been enjoying increasing popularity for a number of years, but this has so far hardly been reflected in the prize money. Only $ 3,500 total prize money will be distributed in this class. The winner receives $ 2,000, second place gets 1,000, and third place only receives $ 500.

Prize money Total Men's Classic Physique
1. Platz Men's Classic Physique
2. Platz Men's Classic Physique
3. Platz Men's Classic Physique

Tampa Pro 2020: Men's Physique

Final results Tampa Pro Men’s Physique
1.Andre Ferguson
2.Anthony Gilkes
3.Rashaud Watson
4.Corey Morris
5.Daniel Ammons
6.Charjo Grant
7.Tommy Clark
8.Brian Lloyd
9.Michael Anderson
10.Benquil Marigny
11.Clarence McSpadden
12.Drew Cullen
13.Reuben Joseph
14.John sarmiento
15.Rodrick Clark
16.shared space, 25 athletes

You can find the official scorecards here:

Men's Physique prize money

Just like the Men’s Classic Physique, only the top 3 of the Men’s Physique receive prize money. In total, there are also $ 3,500 and are distributed exactly equally: $ 2,000 for first place, $ 1,000 for second place and $ 500 for third place.

Total Men's Physique prize money
1. Platz Men's Physique
2. Platz Men's Physique
3. Platz Men's Physique

What does this mean for Mr Olympia 2020?

As almost every bodybuilding enthusiast will have noticed, the annual event in Las Vegas became Mr Olympia 2020 postponed due to Corona. Actually, the biggest bodybuilding competition in the world should take place from September 11th. - 13.9.2020 took place, however on December 17th - 19.12.2020 postponed.

In contrast to the Arnold Classic, for example, the Mr. Olympia is not an invitation, but a qualification competition. All athletes taking part must therefore qualify in advance to participate.

Who exactly is qualified for the 2020 Olympics? If fewer than 25 qualifying competitions are held (which is more than likely due to Corona) as follows:

  • Die Top 5 des Mr. Olympia 2019
  • The winners of every qualifying competition
  • The top 3 of the points list
And this is exactly where things get interesting: Since there are only a small number of competitions under difficult conditions this year, this could wash some lesser-known athletes with normally poorer chances in the Mr. Olympia. Fewer points could be enough or a victory in a competition if many opponents simply cannot or do not want to travel.

For the Men’s Open of Mr Olympia 2020 that means: Hunter Labrada is directly qualified by his victory, There are items in the list for the following places. Tampa Pro is a Tier 2 competition (i.e. a very large competition) and therefore the following points:

  • 2nd place: 8 points
  • 3rd place: 7 points
  • 4th place: 6 points
  • 5th place: 5 points

STAND 18.8.2020:

Already qualified for Mr Olympia 2020:

Brandon Curry (USA)

William Bonac (Netherlands)

Hadi Choopan (Iran)

Dexter Jackson (USA)

Roelly Winklaar (Curacao)

Phil Heath (USA)

Cedric McMillan (USA)

Nathan DeAsha (UK)

Juan Morel (USA)

James Lewis (USA)

Hunter Labrada (USA)

The current scores for qualifying for Mr Olympia 2020:

Lukas Osladil (Czech Republic), 10

Mamdouh Elssbiay (Egypt), 9

Regan Grimes (Canada), 8

Steve Kuclo (USA), 8

Iain Valliere (Canada), 8

Andrea Muzi (Italy), 7

Sergio Oliva, Jr (USA), 7

Dwayne Walker (USA), 7

An Nguyen (USA), 6

Phillip Clahar (USA), 6

Vahil Baharlou (Iran), 5

Han Jin Choi (Canada), 5

Ronald Gordon (USA), 5

Peter Boncardo (Canada), 4

Cody Montgomery (USA), 4

Marek Olejniczak (Poland), 2

Mokhmed El Emam (Russia), 2

Maxx Charles (USA), 2

Daniel Toth (Hungary), 1

James Hollingshead (UK), 1

You can find the qualified of the other classes here:



So this was, you could say the first major bodybuilding competition in times of corona-related restrictions. I would like to give a quick summary again and my opinion on the Tampa Pro 2020:

Men’s Open

If you look at the Men’s Open, there were a few surprises here: Last year there were still greats and familiar faces like Dexter Jackson, Luke Sandoe, Lukas Osladil or Milan Sadek at the start, these prominent names were missing. Only Iain Valliere joined the top group again after finishing third last year. Patrick Moore would have been a candidate for the win, but canceled due to alleged form weakness or not being in top form. This opened the door for Hunter Labrada, who was able to buy the ticket for the Mr. Olympia directly in his 1st professional competition. For athletes who have not been so successful up to now, this could have opened the door wide to participate in the Olympics, as 5 points are distributed for qualification up to the place.

Men’s 212

I have to admit that I'm from the field of athletes except anyone George Peterson really know or have a closer look. This is also because I personally find the Open Class more appealing due to the sheer muscle mass of the participants and the Classic Physique due to the classic lines of the athletes. However, I am definitely one of those who do George Peterson already at Mr Olympia 2019 more in the 212 pound class have seen. In my opinion it has too much mass for the Classic Physique and looks too massive. And this was exactly the key to success in Men’s 212: Like Hunter Labrada also did George Peterson safely won his first competition (in this case after a change of class)How I can find my way around after the pictures and videos.

Men’s Classic Physique


Men’s Physique


I will continue to add and update this post over the next few days and weeks. I hope you had fun reading it and I would be delighted if you check out my blog again.

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