Who's blogging about bodybuilding here?

Who's blogging about bodybuilding here?

Are you interested in bodybuilding, muscle building and nutrition?

Would you like to learn how to gain or lose muscle with bodybuilding?

Then you are exactly right here!

Welcome to my blog.

I am Genry Brown, born in the mid-80s and infected with the dumbbell virus for over 20 years.

It started classically for me as it did for many young people: At the age of 13, I was dissatisfied with my body at the beginning of puberty. I was a little too heavy or too small for my weight, as you can see. Although I had done a lot of sports as a child, my appearance hadn't developed in the direction I wanted until then.

So i said to my dad: I want to do exercises with dumbbells!

My father supported my wish and so we bought my first dumbbells. From now on, in my youth room, I somehow trained with my dumbbells. I looked at exercises from some fitness books and slowly a weight bench, barbell and a few other weights were added to my dumbbells.

Why wasn't I going to the gym at that time? Before fitness chains became established across the board, visiting a fitness studio in a small town on the Lower Rhine was not so easy. Either membership cost a lot of money, the studio was far away, or both.

Great change thanks to bodybuilding

Although I did not train according to a precise plan, after a short time I saw that my body was adapting to the new stimulus. I slowly got stronger, built muscle, and lost weight.

At the beginning of my German studies and social science studies in Wuppertal, my friend Arne asked me if, as an enthusiastic dumbbell athlete, I wouldn't want to come with him to the gym.

What can I say? I've finished my studies, but I'm still training. I have been registered in a fitness chain for over 10 years and I am very satisfied. Since I only need dumbbells, machines and weights for training, a fitness chain is a good choice for me.

For me, bodybuilding is more than just building muscle with dumbbells and weights. It showed me that if I train hard and regularly for it, I can achieve any goal. It made me more muscular, more confident, and happier.

You too can benefit from my experiences in this great sport. Follow your goals whatever they are. You will reach them just as I do mine!

Who's blogging about bodybuilding here?

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