Sports in the heat? This is how you train properly at high temperatures
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Sports in the heat? This is how you train properly at high temperatures

Exercise is good for your body. It strengthens the heart and circulatory system, your immune system and makes you fit for everyday life. But what about exercise in the heat? Would you like to train, but a heat wave is approaching? With these tips you can do something good for your body with exercise even during a heat wave!

Sports in the heat? In the studio:

Train early or late

Go if possible exercise early in the morning or late at night. Of course, not all of us can organize our daily routine as we like. But if you have the opportunity, you should avoid the hottest hours at noon and in the afternoon for your training. It is better to train early in the morning when the environment and buildings have not yet warmed up with sunshine. Or train late at night, when the sun is no longer high in the sky and the air is slowly cooling down again.

Don't train to the limit

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to train with high intensity and effort. I would also recommend this to anyone who wants to visibly change their appearance. But at well over 30 degrees in the shade, you shouldn't train to the limit. Exercise strenuously, but don't overdo yourself: Your body is busy cooling itself down even without exercise. Don't overload him. Go full throttle again when the heatwave is over.

Drink a lot and the right thing

A simple but important tip: Drink enough and the right thing. During training, I would generally rather water or recommend a light drink. If you really like it, you can too Apfelschorle or drink a supplement from some manufacturer. But outside of sports, I also drink a lot of water and rarely soft drinks.

You should drink enough so that you don't feel very thirsty. Thirst is a major warning sign that your body is already low on fluids. Your urine should also be light in color. A dark color would be another sign that you haven't been drinking enough.

Why drinking enough water is so important for you: Federal Center for Nutrition.

A cola is certainly in case of emergancy a good idea if you are feeling acutely weak or if your circulation is on its knees.

Don't overdo it with air conditioning

Don't over-exert yourself because your gym has air conditioning. Many studios, especially from cheap fitness chains, have air conditioning these days. Last summer I loved working out in the gym at a comfortable 24 degrees, despite the outside temperature being 35 degrees.

But after exercising you will leave the air-conditioned building again. So don't overdo it because it looks straighte feels so good. The heat hammer arrives at the door at the latest!

If it gets too much for you: pause

As a rule, I'm not a big fan of skipping a training day. The exception is of course when you are sick. But if you notice (and don't just use this as an excuse) that your body and circulation are suffering badly from the heat, a break is perfectly fine. You know your body best, decide for yourself.

Do you have physical problems with the heat and don't just use it as an excuse: take a break!

Sports in the heat? Before and after:

Don't shower too hot

After exercising and in everyday life, you shouldn't shower too hot. It feels great to be in a hot shower after exercising. But during a heat wave, hot water in the shower is extra stress on your circulation. Instead, take a lukewarm shower.

Eat lighter foods and smaller portions

You may be familiar with this feeling: you really hit it and devoured a large mountain of delicious, but fatty and high-calorie food. Then you are lazy and can hardly do more than lie on the lazy skin and digest.

Especially when it is very hot, digesting large quantities of food puts additional strain on your body. Eat smaller amounts and more easily digestible meals. Perhaps take an example from Mediterranean cuisine or other regions that suffer from high heat more often.

Avoid foods that are too greasy and combine protein foods with light carbohydrates.

Want to learn more about protein? Read my article "Protein - The stuff your muscles are made of!“

Drink little or no alcohol

Of course it is sociable to sit with joy in the beer garden and drink a beer or a wine. There is nothing wrong with that. But pay attention: Don't drink too much alcohol in hot temperatures! It dilates your blood vessels, which stresses your circulation. Above all, it interferes with your water and electrolyte balance and ensures that you lose a lot of fluids. Especially if you want to do sports in the heat, a very unfavorable combination. Enjoy alcohol in moderation and maybe just drink a shandy.

Exercising in the heat, if done correctly, can be fun and good for your body. I hope these tips have helped you and you can get through the summer healthy.

Finally, some good advice from the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief on how to behave properly in the heat.

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